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The Sinopec File

Andrew Nikiforuk,, Feb 18 2012

Pollution, bribes, more. Nikiforuk pries open the record of China's oil giant, business partner for Northern Gateway pipeline.

Windfarms: An ill wind of change?

By Christopher Middleton, Telegraph, 09 Feb 2012

As the world’s biggest windfarm opens off Cumbria, critics continue to question the turbine boom.

Chevron: Offshore rig near Nigeria's oil-rich delta catches fire; search for workers ongoing

By Yinka Ibukun, The Associated Press, Canadian Business, January 16, 2012

LAGOS, Nigeria - An offshore rig exploring possible deep-water oil and gas fields off Nigeria's coast for Chevron Corp. caught fire Monday, and the oil company said officials were still trying to account for all those working there.

Hunt for Gas Hits Fragile Soil, and South Africans Fear Risks

By IAN URBINA, New York Times, December 30, 2011

KAROO, South Africa — When a drought dried up their wells last year, hundreds of farmers and their families flocked to local fairgrounds here to pray for rain, and a call went out on the regional radio station imploring South Africans to donate bottled water.

The Oil that comes in from the cold

Humberto Marquez, Interpress Service, Nation of Change, Dec 30, 2011

“Between 13 and 20 percent of the undiscovered oil on the planet is under the Arctic ocean, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).”

LNG Boom May Ease After Biggest Jump in 3 Years

Jacob Adelman & Dinakar Sethuraman, Bloomberg, SFGate, December 29, 2011

The biggest surge in Asia's liquefied natural gas prices since 2008 may be ending as supplies increase from Australia and Angola and Middle East cargoes are diverted from the U.S. and Europe.

China's epic hangover begins

Ambrose Evans-Pritchard, Telegraph, December 14, 2011

Chinese stocks are flashing warning signs. The Shanghai index has fallen 30pc since May. It is off 60pc from its peak in 2008, as much in real terms as Wall Street from 1929 to 1933. Photo: Reuters

China's credit bubble has finally popped. The property market is swinging wildly from boom to bust, the cautionary exhibit of a BRIC's dream that is at last coming down to earth with a thud.

It is hard to obtain good data in China, but something is wrong when the country's Homelink property website can report that new home prices in Beijing fell 35pc in November from the month before. If this is remotely true, the calibrated soft-landing intended by Chinese authorities has gone badly wrong and risks spinning out of control.

Will China break?

By PAUL KRUGMAN, New York Times, December 18, 2011

paul KrugmanConsider the following picture: Recent growth has relied on a huge construction boom fueled by surging real estate prices, and exhibiting all the classic signs of a bubble. There was rapid growth in credit — with much of that growth taking place not through traditional banking but rather through unregulated “shadow banking” neither subject to government supervision nor backed by government guarantees. Now the bubble is bursting — and there are real reasons to fear financial and economic crisis.

Thousands of residents protest Chinese town’s planned coal power plant, clash with police

Gillian Wong, Associated Press in Washington  Post, December 20, 2011

BEIJING — Thousands of people besieged a government office in a southern Chinese town Tuesday and blocked a highway to demand a halt to a planned coal-fired power plant because of concerns about pollution, protesters said.

Canada condemned at home and abroad for pulling out of Kyoto treaty

Damian Carrington & Adam Vaughan,, 13 December 2011

China calls Canada's decision 'preposterous', while Greenpeace says the country is protecting polluters instead of people

Russia Intransigent on Kyoto Protocol Extension

By Roland Oliphant, The Moscow Times, 3 November 2011

Russia's chief climate negotiator said the country will "never" sign up to extend the Kyoto Protocol for a second implementation period, casting further doubt on chances of a deal at the international climate conference in South Africa at the end of this month.

Shades of Green: The World's Changing Energy Equation

Ray Grigg, Shades of Green,, 11Sep2011

The world's energy equation is rapidly changing. Three recent developments have altered energy options, re-calibrated the calculation of supply and transformed the implications for the planet's environment. Unfortunately, renewable, pollution-free energies - although they continue to make advances - are not in this equation.

Burning trash a success in the EU: Metro board

By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, July 27, 2011

Incinerators eliminate garbage while powering homes

Why Coal Prices Will Soar in the Coming Years

Richard Heinberg, Post-Carbon Institute, 19 July 2011

World energy policy is gripped by a fallacy — the idea that coal is destined to stay cheap for decades to come. This assumption supports investment in ‘clean-coal’ technology and trumps serious efforts to increase energy conservation and develop alternative energy sources. It is an important enough assumption about our energy future that it demands closer examination.

France Becomes First Nation To Ban Fracking

by Gina-Marie Cheeseman,, July 6, 2011

France became the first nation to ban the use of hydraulic fracturing, or fracking in drilling for natural gas and oil on June 30 when French senators voted to ban the practice. Oil and gas companies operating in France with fracking permits will have them revoked according to the legislation passed by a 176 to 151 vote. The bill passed the National Assembly on June 21.

Exhausted global oil supplies make Arctic the new hydrocarbon frontier

Terry Macalister,, 5 July 2011

The rich, cream-and-chocolate room furnishings, delicate finger foods and "speed networking" sessions at the five-star Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, London, are just what you would expect from an oil industry get-together.

With its oil treasure, Israel gets a shield from tyranny

NEIL REYNOLDS, Globe and Mail, Jun. 28, 2011

OTTAWA— The London-based World Energy Council says Israel’s Shfela Basin, a half-hour drive south of Jerusalem, holds 250 billion barrels of recoverable shale oil, possibly making the energy-vulnerable country (as expressed by The Wall Street Journal) “the world’s newest energy giant.” With reserves of 260 billion barrels, Saudi Arabia would remain the world’s No. 1 oil country – though not, perhaps, for long. Howard Jonas, CEO of U.S.-based IDT Corp., the company that owns the Shfela Basin concession, says there is much more oil under Israel than under Saudi Arabia: Perhaps, he says, twice as much.

Chile court suspends Patagonian HidroAysén dam project

BBC News, June 20, 2011

A court in Chile has ordered the suspension of a multi-billion-dollar dam project in the south of the country, following objections by legislators and environmentalists.

Uranium producers hurt by Germany's nuclear ban

By Jonathan Ratner, Vancouver Sun, Financial Post, May 31, 2011

Country to shut down all reactors by 2022

The uranium sector came under some selling pressure on Monday after Germany announced it will shut down all of its nuclear reactors by 2022, reversing a nuclear energy policy put in place in October 2010.

Danish commandoes wade into Greenpeace Arctic oil protest

John Vidal,, May 24, 2011

Armed forces called in to prevent environmentalists interfering with Cairn Energy's exploration of Arctic waters

A battle for the Earth’s last remaining frontier

by Philip Radford, Grist, 10 May 2011

There are clear signs that a new Arctic oil rush has begun. Earlier this month, Shell submitted plans to the U.S. government for new drilling in the icy waters off Alaska's north coast, and now a Scottish company has won permission to take a similar gamble near Greenland. Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton will fly to the picturesque town of Nuuk in Greenland to discuss how spill response equipment might work in one of the world's most extreme and beautiful environments. I can save her the trip -- it won't.

Tata Steel in talks to buy coal mines in western Canada

Shubhashish Nichani, Business Standard (Mumbai), March 23, 2011

British Columbian govt keen on deal; firm needs supply for European mills

Time to shut down nuclear power

By Licia Corbella, Vancouver Sun, March 23, 2011

Over the decades, I have tried very hard to be open-minded about nuclear power. I have met with nuclear scientists who work for the nuclear industry, held editorial board meetings with them, read their literature and several books that made arguments in favour of building more nuclear power plants.

Russia Embraces Risky Offshore Arctic Drilling

By ANDREW E. KRAMER and CLIFFORD KRAUSS, New York Times,  February 15, 2011

MOSCOW — The Arctic Ocean is a forbidding place for oil drillers. But that is not stopping Russia from jumping in — or Western oil companies from eagerly following.

ICC set to meet on resource development

NUNATSIAQ NEWS, February 9, 2011

Inuit leaders will seek a common position on resource development

Inuit from Canada, Alaska. Greenland and Russia plan to meet in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier hotel Feb. 23 to Feb. 24 24, the Inuit Circumpolar Council announced Feb. 8.

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