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Dream of a road to the Arctic Ocean takes shape

Jeffrey Jones, Globe and Mail, Dec. 17 2013

TUKTOYAKTUK, NWT — On a November morning just outside Tuktoyaktuk, diesel engines break the silence as trucks and graders trundle back and forth, slowly pushing their way across the tundra toward Inuvik, about 140 kilometres south.

Vast costs of Arctic change

Gail Whiteman, Chris Hope & Peter Wadhams, Nature, July 2013

Methane released by melting permafrost will have global impacts that must be better modelled

Unlike the loss of sea ice, the vulnerability of polar bears and the rising
human population, the economic impacts of a warming Arctic are being

Interior Dept. Warns Shell on Arctic Drilling

John M. Broder, New York Times, March 14, 2013

WASHINGTON — The Shell Oil Company must provide a detailed plan addressing numerous safety and operational issues that plagued its efforts to extract oil beneath the Arctic Ocean last year if it wants to resume drilling off the coast of Alaska, the Interior Department said Thursday.

Feds eye central Arctic exploration

Shawn McCarthy, Globe and Mail, Feb. 28 2013

OTTAWA — The federal government is opening a vast new frontier for oil and gas activity in Nunavut’s high Arctic with a call for companies to indicate their interest in bidding for exploration rights.

Russia's Arctic strategy: development and innovations

Polina Chernitsa, Voice of Russia Radio, Feb 22 2013

With many countries having their eyes on the Arctic and its rich resources, the region is becoming the intersection of strategic interests and economic ambitions.

Canada’s Arctic leadership stint worries drillers, shippers and environmentalists

Paul Koring, The Globe and Mail, Jan. 31 2013

WASHINGTON — Canada will begin a two-year stint at the helm of the eight-nation Arctic Council amid a clamour of competing calls for leadership, as the ice recedes and the race heats up to extract resource riches while protecting a fragile and now-exposed environment.

Lessons aplenty for Shell Oil after first Arctic 'drilling season'

Alex DeMarban, Alaska Dispatch, Oct 11, 2012

Believing the U.S. Arctic Ocean contains one of the world's richest undiscovered oil and gas plays, Royal Dutch Shell is already considering what it will take to ship vast amounts of oil across Alaska.

Oil and Ice Don't Mix - The Risks of Drilling in Alaska's Arctic Ocean

Kiley Kroh & Michael Conathan, Climate Progress / Video Report, August 20 2012

Northwest Territories oil play big as Bakken

Dina O?Meara, Calgary Herald, July 19, 2012

Shale oil play success hinges on strong crude pricing and infrastructure

Officials Say Arctic Nations Not Prepared for Oil Spill

By Kate McPherson, KTVA Alaska, March 23, 2012

Representatives from eight Arctic nations met in Girdwood to work on spill response plan

GIRDWOOD - Representatives from the eight countries of the Arctic Council met in Girdwood for three days this week to work on an oil spill response plan.

Russian tanker hits ice 300 miles from Nome

By MARY PEMBERTON, Associated Press, Anchorage Daily News, January 7th, 2012

VOYAGE TO NOME: Winter fuel oil delivery to coast would be a first.

A Russian tanker carrying fuel for an iced-in Alaska city that without a delivery could run out of crucial supplies before winter's end encountered ice early Friday in the eastern Bering Sea.

The Oil that comes in from the cold

Humberto Marquez, Interpress Service, Nation of Change, Dec 30, 2011

“Between 13 and 20 percent of the undiscovered oil on the planet is under the Arctic ocean, according to the United States Geological Survey (USGS).”

Korean firm a possible Mackenzie pipeline bidder

The Canadian Press, Jul 18, 2011

Korea's state-owned natural gas company may be interested in snapping up Royal Dutch Shell PLC's stake in the Mackenzie Valley pipeline, an energy consultant said Monday.

Shell pulls the pin on Mackenzie Delta

David Ebner and Tim Kiladze, Globe and Mail, Jul. 15, 2011

Royal Dutch Shell PLC (RDS.A-N71.900.590.83%) is giving up on the Mackenzie Delta, pulling out of the region 38 years after it first discovered a massive deposit of natural gas.

Exhausted global oil supplies make Arctic the new hydrocarbon frontier

Terry Macalister,, 5 July 2011

The rich, cream-and-chocolate room furnishings, delicate finger foods and "speed networking" sessions at the five-star Jumeirah Carlton Tower hotel in Knightsbridge, London, are just what you would expect from an oil industry get-together.

Britain's richest man to build giant Arctic iron ore mine

Terry Macalister,, 4 July 2011

Lakshmi Mittal's 'mega-mine' is believed to be the largest mineral extraction project in the region but threatens unique wildlife

Britain's richest man is planning a giant new opencast mine 300 miles inside the Arctic Circle in a bid to extract a potential $23bn (£14bn) worth of iron ore.

Oil industry outlines cleanup strategy for Arctic spill

NATHAN VANDERKLIPPE, Globe and Mail, Jun. 09, 2011

Oil spill in northern watersAs the oil and gas industry works to convince Canada’s energy regulator that it can safely drill in the Arctic’s deep waters, it is proposing some creative – and controversial – methods to clean up spills in sea ice: using fires set from helicopters to burn oil and even the propeller blades of icebreakers to disperse it.

Danish commandoes wade into Greenpeace Arctic oil protest

John Vidal,, May 24, 2011

Armed forces called in to prevent environmentalists interfering with Cairn Energy's exploration of Arctic waters

A battle for the Earth’s last remaining frontier

by Philip Radford, Grist, 10 May 2011

There are clear signs that a new Arctic oil rush has begun. Earlier this month, Shell submitted plans to the U.S. government for new drilling in the icy waters off Alaska's north coast, and now a Scottish company has won permission to take a similar gamble near Greenland. Tomorrow, Hillary Clinton will fly to the picturesque town of Nuuk in Greenland to discuss how spill response equipment might work in one of the world's most extreme and beautiful environments. I can save her the trip -- it won't.

Russia Embraces Risky Offshore Arctic Drilling

By ANDREW E. KRAMER and CLIFFORD KRAUSS, New York Times,  February 15, 2011

MOSCOW — The Arctic Ocean is a forbidding place for oil drillers. But that is not stopping Russia from jumping in — or Western oil companies from eagerly following.

ICC set to meet on resource development

NUNATSIAQ NEWS, February 9, 2011

Inuit leaders will seek a common position on resource development

Inuit from Canada, Alaska. Greenland and Russia plan to meet in Ottawa at the Chateau Laurier hotel Feb. 23 to Feb. 24 24, the Inuit Circumpolar Council announced Feb. 8.

National Energy Board Approves Mackenzie Gas Project

News Release, National Energy Board, 16 December 2010

CALGARY ― The National Energy Board (NEB) today approved the applications for the construction and operation of the Mackenzie Gas Project through Canada’s North.

Battle over Arctic Alaska refuge heats up again in Washington

By ERIKA BOLSTAD, Alaska Daily News, December 7th, 2010

OIL: Designation as wilderness or national monument would prevent future development.

Ottawa sets up Arctic marine park

Gloria Galloway, Globe and Mail, December 6, 2010

The federal Conservative government will establish the boundaries of a new marine park in Lancaster Sound, an area rich with wildlife where proposed seismic testing was halted at the last minute this summer after court action by the local Inuit.

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