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B.C. will not mandate electric-run LNG plants

BOE Report, The Canadian Press, January 16, 2014

VICTORIA – B.C. Energy Minister Bill Bennett says the government won’t force oil and gas companies that plan to develop liquefied natural gas plants in the province to use electricity in their operations.

Province's Clean Energy Act limits B.C. Hydro power options, Site C dam critics told

Dene Moore, Canadian Press, Times Colonist, December 10, 2013

FORT ST. JOHN — British Columbia's groundbreaking Clean Energy Act has limited the options available to the province's Crown utility corporation for expanding the power grid, the chairman of an environmental review panel pointed out as critics demanded answers about the utility's plans to build a third hydroelectric dam on the Peace River.

Les Leyne: Hydro policy changes are bewildering

Les Leyne, Times Colonist, Dec 7 2013

Next time a cabinet minister confidently outlines the government’s vision of the future, keep B.C.’s electricity policies in mind.

Deconstructing BC Hydro's Rate Increase

Marvin Shaffer, CCPA Policy Notes, September 14th, 2013

When the government imposed its Energy Plan on BC Hydro it never bothered to estimate the costs (or for that matter the benefits) of what it hoped to achieve. Ardent supporters of that Plan, like my good friend Mark Jaccard, constructed scenarios under which it would make sense to force BC Hydro to buy more power than it needed, but no one was forecasting those scenarios to materialize — certainly not BC Hydro, the BCUC, the union representing BC Hydro workers or any ratepayer group.

Province, Hydro face off over rate increase

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, Sept 12 2013

Top bureaucrats can 'grind' utility some more on proposed 26 per cent rate hike, minister says

BC Hydro forecasts 'massive' rate increases

Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, September 11, 2013

Energy Minister Bill Bennett says efforts are underway to reduce potential 26-per-cent hike

Vaughn Palmer: $750-million surrender on energy-trading infractions triggers political spin cycle

Vaughn Palmer, Vancouver Sun, August 27 2013

VICTORIA — When a U.S. regulator ruled earlier this year that B.C. was guilty of hundreds of infractions in selling electricity to California, the government was quick to discount the finding as a temporary setback.

Powerex pay out doesn't add up

 Keith Baldrey, Vancouver Courier, August 22 2013

And that’s what the B.C. Liberal government did last week with a bolt from the blue announcement that it was ending its decade-long fight with the state of California and electrical utilities there over whether B.C. Hydro acted legally when it sold power to the state in 2000 and 2001.

BC Hydro’s draft Integrated Resource Plan released for consultation

News Release, BC Hydro, August 23 2013

Bill Bennett, Minister of Energy and Mines and Minister responsible for Core Review, is directing BC Hydro to release its draft Integrated Resource Plan (IRP) and undertake a final round of consultation with First Nations, key stakeholders and the public.

Harmac begins pumping power into B.C. Hydro electrical grid

Robert Barron, Nanamio Daily News, August 19, 2013

The Harmac pulp mill has begun feeding power from its new $45-million electrical generation plant to B.C. Hydro, creating a second major revenue source to the Nanaimo mill for the first time in its more than 50-year history.

California attorney general announces $750M refund from Canadian utility Powerex

Dale Kasler, Sacramento Bee, Friday, Aug. 16, 2013

In the biggest refund yet from the California energy crisis, a government-owned Canadian utility today agreed to a $750 million settlement with state officials and the state's largest utilities.

Attorney General Kamala D. Harris Announces $750 Million Settlement Stemming from California Energy Crisis

Press Release, Kamala Harris, California Attorney General, August 16 2013

SAN FRANCISCO -- Attorney General Kamala D. Harris today announced a $750 million settlement with Powerex over claims arising from the 2000-2001 California energy crisis. The vast majority of the settlement money will go to ratepayers of California’s largest utilities.

BC Hydro's Powerex agrees to settlement in California claims

Tiffany Crawford & Derrick Penner, Vancouver Sun,  August 16, 2013

VANCOUVER - Powerex, the electricity trading subsidiary of BC Hydro, has reached a $750 million out of court settlement related to an electricity dispute with California that began more than a decade ago.

Energy portfolio could blow up in Clark’s face

Justine Hunter, Globe and Mail, Jun 02 2013

VICTORIA — Premier Christy Clark will announce her new cabinet on Friday: Pity the new energy minister who has to find a credible way to power all her liquefied natural gas ambitions, while managing a gaping financial hole in BC Hydro’s books.

The Rise of Independent Power Producers, Explained

Colleen Kimmett,, April 30 2013

They split the enviro vote in 2009, but can they still spark trouble across the province?

BC Hydro rate policy could hinder LNG growth prospects as grid expansion costs become an issue

Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun, April 11 2013

A BC Hydro policy that slaps extra costs onto major new industrial customers could prompt natural gas producers to “abandon their plans” to support an international LNG export industry, according to documents obtained by The Vancouver Sun.

BC Hydro watchdog decries power project exemption

Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun, March 29, 2013

Provincial government pulls two projects from utility commission scrutiny

An energy watchdog group is alarmed by a government decision this week to exempt two major BC Hydro transmission projects from review by the B.C. Utilities Commission.

B.C. vows to continue fight over costly U.S. ruling on power sales to California

Canadian Press, Times Colonist, Feb 22 2013

VICTORIA - The massive, energy windfall British Columbia pocketed more than a decade ago at the expense of power-starved Californians has sparked an ongoing high-voltage legal case that currently has an arm of Crown-owned BC Hydro potentially owing hundreds of millions of dollars.

B.C. defends Powerex in California price-fixing complaint

CBC News, Feb 21, 2013

B.C. taxpayers could end up refunding Californians millions in electricity sales

The B.C. government and official opposition are defending a BC Hydro subsidiary that is accused of manipulating energy prices during the California energy crisis more than 12 years ago.

Mandatory smart meters? Not anymore

Ian Bailey, Globe and Mail, Jan 30, 2013

VANCOUVER —B.C. Hydro says it won’t install smart meters if households don’t want them, even after the B.C. Liberal government insisted for years that the program was mandatory.

Locked out workers question gas plant’s safety

Brian Kieran, Campbell River Mirror, November 06, 2012

Locked out employees of Campbell River’s Island Generation Plant say BC Hydro should be alarmed about potential safety issues at the natural gas-fired facility.

A wolf lurks at edge of IPP ‘green’ projects

Gwen Barlee, Vancouver Sun, September 17, 2012

When I was growing up my mother used to warn me to look out for a wolf in sheep’s clothing. What she meant was to be cautious about people and situations that are not what they seem. This idiom aptly applies to the issue of independent power projects (IPPs) in British Columbia.

Historic water levels put pressure on Hydro

By Gordon Hoekstra, Vancouver Sun, July 20, 2012

Heavy rains, higher-than-normal snowpack has increased stress on dams across the province

Melting snow and record rains have forced BC Hydro dam managers into an unprecedented balancing act this summer: spill water to keep dams at safe levels, but not so much that communities are flooded.

BC Government kills Feed-In Tariff program

BC Hydro, June 22 2012

In light of efforts to minimize electricity rate increases, the B.C. Government is not planning to proceed with the implementation of a British Columbia Feed-in Tariff (FIT) Regulation at this time.

The Regulation would require BC Hydro to establish a FIT program in accordance with the Clean Energy Act.

BC Hydro needs government policy changes

By Marvin Shaffer, Vancouver Sun, June 7, 2012

Though presented as part of its effort to protect families, the government's recently imposed cap on BC Hydro rate increases will not help British Columbians - families or otherwise. The cap on rates does nothing to reduce costs. At best it provides a short-term gain, but sooner or later BC Hydro will have to increase rates to match the increase in its costs.

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