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Asian buyers want cheaper BC gas

Asian Pacific Post, 25Sep2013

Premier Christy Clark upcoming 13-day trade mission to China, Korea and Japan to deepen British Columbia’s relationships with those key liquefied natural gas Asian markets will be facing some severe gas pains, industry analysts said.

Manipulation of California energy market gives consumers a jolt

Michael Hiltzik, Los Angeles Times, July 18, 2012

The next time your electricity bill prompts you to curse your local utility, here's another target where you should direct your anger:

BC Hydro plays NAFTA card in bid to win green status in California

By Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, October 21, 2011

Energy-trading arm claims clean-energy exemption for U.S. power supplier is discriminatory

California likely won't water down hydro requirements

Sean Holman, Public Eye, July 13, 2010

A former California assemblyman who spearheaded an effort to increase the use of green energy has said he doesn't think it's likely his state will count British Columbia's run-of-the-river power as renewable.

California's Big 'No' to British Columbia

By Sean Holman,, July 8, 2010

Lobbying effort to get 'renewable energy' approval from state's politicians came up empty.

BC Hydro subsidiary battles U.S. poacher

SCOTT SIMPSON, Vancouver Sun, February 22, 2010

Powerex has lost 10 energy trading staffers to financial giant Morgan Stanley

Efforts by a Wall Street financial giant to poach employees and business from a lucrative government-owned energy trading operation in Vancouver are proving expensive for British Columbia taxpayers.

Industry questions power export scheme

By Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun, February 2, 2010

B.C. could lose $450 million a year, critics warn

British Columbia's biggest industries are challenging the provincial government to prove that its electricity export scheme won't turn into a major money loser.

Top Powerex traders jump to U.S. rival

Scott Simpson, Vancouver Sun, January 23, 2010

BC Hydro has lost six veteran electricity traders in an apparent raid by a major U.S. financial institution.

Hydro acknowledged on Friday that six employees of its Powerex trading unit including former head trader Murray Margolis have recently quit.

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