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Northern Gateway Pipelines

Northern Gateway pipeline approved with 209 conditions

Laura Payton, CBC News, Jun 17, 2014

Justin Trudeau, Tom Mulcair both pledge to reverse decision if they form government in 2015

The federal government has agreed to let Enbridge build its Northern Gateway pipeline, subject to 209 conditions recommended by the National Energy Board and further talks with aboriginal communities.

Enbridge wants to build the pipeline from Bruderheim, Alta., to Kitimat, B.C.

Environmental groups sue feds over Northern Gateway pipeline

Jenny Uechi, Vancouver Observer, Jan 9 2014

Five environmental groups, including the David Suzuki Foundation and the Wilderness Committee, are taking the federal government to court, claiming it has failed to meet its responsibilities under the Species at Risk Act to protect endangered wildlife threatened by the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline.

Report of the Joint Review Panel for the Enbridge Northern Gateway Project

Joint Review Panel, Enbridge Northern Gateway Project, Dec 19 2013

The Joint Review Panel (the Panel) for the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway Project today recommended that the federal government approve the project, subject to 209 required conditions.

First Nations Gain Powerful New Allies in Fight Against Enbridge Northern Gateway Pipeline and Tankers

News Release, Yinka Dene Alliance, Dec 5 2013

Solidarity Accord aligns First Nations with supporters from across Canadian society ahead of a Joint Review Panel decision on the project

'Never too late to engage' aboriginal groups, says Doug Eyford

Chris Hall, CBC, Dec 5 2013

Doug Eyford reports on engaging with aboriginal groups on resource development

The prime minister’s special envoy on West Coast energy issues says the federal government must take decisive action to engage aboriginal groups opposed to new oil and gas pipelines.

B.C. Premier Clark, Alberta Premier Redford reach deal on pipelines

Ian Bailey & Gary Mason, Globe and Mail, Nov. 05 2013

Vancouver — B.C. Premier Christy Clark and her Alberta counterpart Alison Redford have reached a broad framework for an agreement to satisfy B.C.’s five conditions for supporting oil pipeline development in the province.

Alberta and British Columbia reach agreement on opening new markets

News Release, BC Government, Nov 5 2013

VANCOUVER - After officials worked through the night, Alberta Premier Alison Redford and British Columbia Premier Christy Clark today announced a framework agreement between the two provinces on moving energy resources to new markets.

Enbridge misrepresents pipeline benefits

Robyn Allan, Vancouver Sun, August 12, 2013

Over the past two years, I have assessed the economic and financial case for Northern Gateway presented to the National Energy Board by Enbridge.

Kinder Morgan files last minute objection to Joint Review’s proposed conditions for Northern Gateway

Robin Rowland, Northwest Coast Energy News, June 5 2013

Kinder Morgan has filed a last minute objection to the Northern Gateway Joint Review Panel’s preliminary conditions for the Enbridge project.

BC Gov't to Enbridge: 'Trust Me' Is Not Good Enough

Andrew MacLeod,, 31 May 2013

Activists, First Nations leaders cheer province's clear stand against Northern Gateway proposal.

B.C. says ‘No’ to Northern Gateway on concerns over oil spills

Jeffrey Jones, Globe and Mail, May 31 2013

CALGARY — British Columbia has formally rejected Enbridge Inc.’s proposed Northern Gateway pipeline to the West Coast from Alberta, saying the company has failed to adequately explain how to deal with a major heavy oil spill on land or in coastal waters.

News Bitumen Doesn't Float

Andrew Nikiforuk, The Tyee, May 23 2013

Study debunks Enbridge claims that oil sands crude spill is standard clean-up.

Pipeline dreams turn to ashes for Big Oil

Rick Smith, The Star, May 17 2013

The arrogance of oil companies and the Harper government turned a previously obscure environmental issue into a much more potent concern regarding the erosion of democracy and fairness

Enbridge pipeline opponents say hearings unfair

Mark Hume, Globe and Mail, Apr. 03 2013

VANCOUVER — Federal hearings into the proposed Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline project are unfair because company witnesses are allowed to huddle before answering questions during cross-examination, says a lawyer for two conservation groups.

One tale told twice

Government critics beginning to smell a rat over Kitimat oil refinery proposal

Government critics beginning to smell a rat over Kitimat oil refinery proposal

Government critics beginning to smell a rat over Kitimat oil refinery proposal

Michael Smyth, The Province, March 22, 2013

Note: Within hours of this article appearing on the Province's website, it was "disappeared" without explanation. This version was obtained from the Google cache.

While B.C. newspaper publisher David Black pursues his audacious dream of a massive oil refinery on the province’s North Coast, a pre-election political scrap has flared up around the plan.

Envoy to deal with First Nations concerns on pipelines

The Canadian Press, CBC News, Mar 19, 2013

Vancouver lawyer Doug Eyford to submit preliminary report to Harper by June

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named an envoy to deal with aboriginal opposition to resource development in Alberta and British Columbia.

BC pipeline investments appear doomed

Western Investor, 16 February 2013

It now appears increasingly unlikely that neither the $6 billion Enbridge Inc. Northern Gateway pipeline or the expansion of the Kinder Morgan Inc.'s Trans Mountain oil pipeline will be approved in British Columbia.

Ottawa could force B.C. to accept Gateway pipeline

By Barbara Yaffe, Vancouver Sun, February 7, 2013

But Alberta reluctant to ask for intervention, fearing it could backfire

Alberta desperately wants a pipeline built across a reluctant B.C., but not badly enough to court Ottawa's constitutional intervention.

Chiefs declare ban on pipelines, tankers

Zoe McKnight, Vancouver Sun, December 14, 2012

First Nations leaders signed an indigenous legal declaration on Thursday, banning pipelines and oil tanker traffic in British Columbia in a further attempt to halt Enbridge's proposed Northern Gateway project.

Opposition to Enbridge Grows as First Nations and Mayor of Vancouver Stand Together Against Threat of Oil Tankers and Pipelines

News Release, Yinka Dene Alliance, December 13, 2012

Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson proclaims "Save the Fraser Declaration Day" recognizing need to protect rivers and coast from tar sands threat

VANCOUVER, BRITISH COLUMBIA--(Marketwire - Dec. 13, 2012) - (Coast Salish Territories) - Opposition to the Enbridge Northern Gateway pipeline and tanker project continued to gain momentum today as the Tahltan Central Council, the Tahltan Band Council and the BC Metis Federation signed the Save the Fraser Declaration, an indigenous law declaration banning tar sands pipelines and tankers from crossing British Columbia, signed by over 130 First Nations.

Alaska-bound rail project could solve Canada’s oil sands problems

Diane Francis, Financial Post, November 16 2012

A group of Canadian businessmen has obtained the blessing of Alaskan tribes and Canadian First Nations to build a railroad through their lands that could carry up to five million barrels per day from the oil sands to the super tanker port in Valdez, Alaska.

You heard it here: Northern Gateway’s dead

Jeffrey Simpson, Globe and Mail, Oct. 05 2012

The Northern Gateway pipeline that Enbridge proposes to build from Alberta’s bitumen oil to the Pacific coast of British Columbia is, for all intents and purposes, dead.

Tankers too risky for B.C. coastal environment: independent engineering report

Larry Pynn, Vancouver Sun, September 1 2012

The Enbridge Northern Gateway proposal to ship oilsands bitumen from Kitimat along the B.C. coast carries an unacceptable risk of a significant spill, according to an independent analysis by three professional engineers.

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