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Russia's Arctic strategy: development and innovations

Polina Chernitsa, Voice of Russia Radio, Feb 22 2013

With many countries having their eyes on the Arctic and its rich resources, the region is becoming the intersection of strategic interests and economic ambitions.

A Railway From Canada To Alaska: Ready To Be Built In Six Years

Fyodor Soloview, Press Release, InterBering, 25 Oct 2012

A railway connecting Alaska to the lower 48 states has never been as close to realization as it is at present. Only $4.5 million, to enable the securing of an operating line of credit for a feasibility study, is needed for the Canadian company Generating for Seven Generations, Ltd. (G7G) to launch this long awaited project.

Russia Intransigent on Kyoto Protocol Extension

By Roland Oliphant, The Moscow Times, 3 November 2011

Russia's chief climate negotiator said the country will "never" sign up to extend the Kyoto Protocol for a second implementation period, casting further doubt on chances of a deal at the international climate conference in South Africa at the end of this month.

Russia Embraces Risky Offshore Arctic Drilling

By ANDREW E. KRAMER and CLIFFORD KRAUSS, New York Times,  February 15, 2011

MOSCOW — The Arctic Ocean is a forbidding place for oil drillers. But that is not stopping Russia from jumping in — or Western oil companies from eagerly following.

Russia-China oil pipeline opens

BBC News, 01 January 2011

The first oil pipeline linking the world's biggest oil producer, Russia, and the world's biggest consumer of energy, China, has begun operating.

Methane seeping from Siberian ice a climate concern

By ARTHUR MAX, The Associated Press, November 22, 2010

CHERSKY, Russia — The Russian scientist shuffles across the frozen lake, scuffing aside ankle-deep snow until he finds a cluster of bubbles trapped under the ice. With a cigarette lighter in one hand and a knife in the other, he lances the ice like a blister. Methane whooshes out and bursts into a thin blue flame.

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