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Vaya con Dios, Hugo Chàvez, mi Amigo

By Greg Palast,, Mar 5 2013

For BBC Television, Palast met several times with Hugo Chàvez, who passed away today.

As a purgative for the crappola fed to Americans about Chavez, my foundation, The Palast Investigative Fund, is offering the film, The Assassination of Hugo Chavez, as a FREE download. Based on my several meetings with Chavez, his kidnappers and his would-be assassins, filmed for BBC Television. DVDs also available.

Media may contact Palast at interviews (at)

Venezuelan President Chavez once asked me why the US elite wanted to kill him. My dear Hugo: It's the oil. And it's the Koch Brothers – and it's the ketchup.

Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez dead at 58

The Associated Press, Globe and Mail, Mar. 05 2013

CARACAS, Venezuela —Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez lost his battle with cancer Tuesday, silencing the leading voice of the Latin American left and plunging his divided oil-rich nation into an uncertain future.

Hay evidencias que EE.UU. habría inducido el cáncer a Hugo Chávez

RT Actualidad, 5 mar 2013

Hay evidencias concretas de que EE.UU. cuenta con la tecnología necesaria para atentar contra la vida del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez, así lo aseguró la abogada y escritora Eva Golinger.

Is Venezuela on the cusp of a post-Chavez oil boom?

Steve LeVine, Foreign Policy, February 22, 2012

If Venezuelan President Hugo Chavez is forced to drop his bid for re-election for health reasons, will the primary repercussion for the West be the exit of a voluble thorn in the side? Perhaps, but it will also mean the prospect of yet more newly available oil reserves -- on top of the widely projected U.S. shale oil bonanza. The takeaway: If the shale oil projections are accurate, and Chavez leaves politics under whatever scenario, we have the prospect of a geopolitical shakeup analogous to what has accompanied the rise of shale gas.

A Chavez-less Venezuela should worry Alberta

Darren Campbell, Alberta Oil, Feb 24 2012

As Natural Resources Minister Joe Oliver and Alberta Premier Alison Redford exhaled after the EU rejected – for now – its proposed fuel quality directive, I wonder if they have been paying attention to Venezuelan politics lately.

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