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Potential Locations for New Waste-to-Energy Facilities Made Public

News Release, Metro Vancouver, Nov 21 2013

Metro Vancouver is developing additional waste-to-energy capacity to manage municipal garbage we cannot yet recycle.

At this point, Metro Vancouver has shortlisted nine private-sector proponents with 10 waste-to-energy proposals, in Metro Vancouver and other regions of B.C.

South Vancouver site eyed for turning region’s garbage to energy

Wendy Stueck, Globe and Mail, Nov. 21 2013

Vancouver — Four sites, including a cement plant in Delta and a site on Heather Street near Marine Drive in south Vancouver, were identified Thursday as potential homes for waste-to-energy facilities.

Debate over Duke Point incinerator for Vancouver trash heats up

Ben Ingram, Times Colonist, August 1, 2013

The City of Nanaimo has sought to ready its defences should a proposal to build a Metro Vancouver waste incinerator at Duke Point emerge - but some have begun to worry that an unwanted facility could be forced upon the municipality.

Metro Vancouver considers sending garbage to Nanaimo

Sandra McCulloch, Times Colonist, June 20, 2013

Island residents may not have any say on incinerator plans

Mounds of garbage from Metro Vancouver could soon be barged to Duke Point in Nanaimo for incineration without Island residents having any say in the matter, warns a director with the Regional District of Nanaimo.

Cache Creek mayor demands removal of hazardous waste

Kamloops Daily News, October 26, 2012

“We’ve worked hard to run a first class operation" John Ranta

The Ministry of Environment will determine whether thousands of tonnes of fly ash contaminated with a heavy metal at Cache Creek’s landfill will be removed, a Metro Vancouver officlal said Friday.

Metro Vancouver picks incineration experts without FVRD input

Jeff Nagel, Surrey North Delta Leader, October 26, 2012

Fraser Valley politicians are outraged Metro Vancouver didn't consult them when it hired a panel of third-party experts to help guide the controversial process of building a new waste-to-energy plant to burn Metro garbage.

Council extinguishes incineration proposal

by Andy Rice, Powell River Peak, July 19, 2012

Motion carried July 19 shows city is against waste-to-energy facility

Biologist trashes plan to burn Vancouver waste in Powell River

Pieta Woolley, Globe & Mail, Jul. 16 2012

When Mark Biagi left Nova Scotia 15 years ago, he scoured British Columbia for a town that fit his requirement: no incineration.

Directors discuss waste-to-energy proposal

Laura Walz, Powell River Peak, July 11 2012

Regional districts have jurisdiction for solid waste

A proposal to develop a waste-to-energy facility in Powell River generated discussion at the June 28 Powell River Regional District board meeting.

East Bay MUD's $32 million upgrade diverts food waste to electricity to power 13,000 homes.

By Mike Taugher, Contra Costa Times, 04/04/2012

With a new jet-engine sized turbine and truckloads of chicken blood, food scraps and other nasty waste, an East Bay wastewater utility has become the first in the country to generate more power than it uses, an industry official said Tuesday.

Global companies eye mill site for waste-to-energy facility

by Laura Walz, Powell River Peak, February 17, 2012

Representatives made a presentation to council this week

BREAKING NEWS – An American company that specializes in combusting municipal waste is eyeing Catalyst Paper Corporation’s Powell River mill site for a potential waste-to-energy facility.

Burning trees for energy puts Canadian forests and climate at risk

Greenpeace, November 2, 2011

Greenpeace released a science-based report today that highlights the dangers of the large-scale use of wood and tree harvesting for heating, electricity generation or liquid biofuels. The report, entitled ‘Fuelling a Biomess’, argues that burning woody biomass on an industrial scale could severely harm Canada’s public forests and further contribute to the global climate crisis.

Burning wood waste for energy not entirely a clear-cut call

By Gordon Hamilton, Vancouver Sun, November 5, 2011

Debate continues over use of forest debris to develop bioenergy industry

Forest management in British Columbia is coming under scrutiny as the province's drive to develop a bioenergy industry moves into the beetlekilled pine stands of the central Interior.

South Surrey incinerator pitched

By Kevin Diakiw, Surrey North Delta Leader, October 19, 2011

A waste incinerator for South Surrey has been considered by city council, which was willing to sell land in north Campbell Heights to a developer interested in building a waste-to-energy facility there.

Trash-to-energy proposal troubles Fraser Valley voters

By GORDON HOEKSTRA, Vancouver Sun, October 13, 2011

Communities fear an incinerator will further reduce air quality

A Metro Vancouver plan that could see a half-million tonnes of garbage burned annually to produce energy is expected to be a key municipal election issue in the Fraser Valley.

Tackling huge landfill headache a winning idea for top B.C. startup company

By SCOTT SIMPSON, Vancouver Sun, September 23, 2011

Polymer Research recycles polyurethane foam into liquid chemical

A company that promises to cure a major headache for landfill operators won first prize this week at an annual competition among British Columbia’s most promising startups.

BC’s Bio Boondoggle

Arthur Caldicott, Watershed Sentinel, September-October 2011

The BC Bioenergy Strategy is based on hard-to-pin down and diverse guesstimates of wood volumes, supply forecasts, conversion factors. Hundreds of millions of public dollars have been committed to increasing the use of forest-based biomass for electricity, heat, and steam. The long-term beneficiaries of these programs are corporations and their shareholders. Millions of dollars in the bioenergy sector are flowing from the public treasury to private interests while the forests are slated to be burned.

Vancouver waste decision watched closely by RDN

By Toby Gorman, Nanaimo News Bulletin, August 19, 2011

Island communities are watching closely as Metro Vancouver writes a plan to deal with its growing garbage problem.

Burning trash a success in the EU: Metro board

By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, July 27, 2011

Incinerators eliminate garbage while powering homes

Waste-to-Energy Facilities Gaining Support in Alberta

By Justina Reichel, Epoch Times, Jul 20, 2011

Turning garbage into energy a proposed alternative to landfills

Garbage could be Alberta’s newest energy source once engineering studies for a new waste-to-energy facility are completed.

Gold River's bid to burn garbage from Metro Vancouver smoulders

Jack Knox, Times Colonist, July 27, 2011

Whether Gold River ends up burning Metro Vancouver's garbage could come down to pollution politics versus cold cash.

The chances of the Lower Mainland's trash finding it way to the north Island inched forward this week when Environment Minister Terry Lake approved Metro Vancouver's waste-management plan.

Province approves Metro Vancouver's plans to build waste incinerator

By Kelly Sinoski, Vancouver Sun, July 25, 2011

But region required to work with Fraser Valley to address air quality concerns if it builds facility in the Lower Mainland

METRO VANCOUVER -- The provincial government has approved Metro Vancouver's plans to build a waste incinerator to burn the region's trash in or out of the Lower Mainland.

Incinerator plan has Metro Vancouver politicians feeling ‘sabotaged’

FRANCES BULA, Globe and Mail, Jul. 25, 2011

A controversial garbage incinerator in Metro Vancouver has been pushed one big step closer to reality after the provincial government approved the region’s new waste and recycling plan.

Shocked to find incinerator on list

By Paul J. Henderson, The Times, Chilliwack, December 10, 2010

Stam says it's a clarion call to 'fight a little harder'

Metro waste-burning plan heads to Victoria

Jeff Nagel, BC Local News, August 27, 2010

Three Metro Vancouver mayors will go to Victoria Wednesday to present their controversial waste plan opening the door to increased garbage incineration.

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