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Arthur Caldicott, 26Sep2013

Re: Asian buyers want cheaper BC gas

Can't miss the main message in this story: Christy Clark must mark down the cost of BC's LNG, or the Asian market won't be there, the companies hoping to produce LNG in BC won't sink the capital in, and her promises to deliver the pot'o'gold in time for the election in 2017 go pffft.

Arthur Caldicott, 26Sep2013

Re: Energy companies get B.C. natural gas extraction royalty breaks

Wow! This'll mollify an unhappy natural gas industry. Unhappy? How could they not be: hundreds of millions of dollars invested in BC natural gas, prices utterly collapsed, and nowhere to sell all this gas. If LNG doesn't fly, more than a few jobs and executive bonuses are on the line.

Arthur Caldicott, 16Aug2013

Re: BC Hydro's Powerex agrees to settlement in California claims

Twelve years of the Liberal government and Powerex/BC Hydro officials claiming that Powerex did no wrong.

Arthur Caldicott, 13Feb2013

Re: When the gruel is this thin, fantasy looks like a good alternative

Well, that was one of the thinnest throne speeches in my memory (which admittedly is getting thinner too).

Arthur Caldicott, 18Aug2012

Re: B.C. newspaper tycoon proposing $13-billion oil refinery for Northern Gateway oil

David Black’s proposal to build a refinery in Kitimat isn’t quite complete vapourware, in terms of the viability of the idea. But it’s pretty close to it – and the nattering online and in offices following Black's announcement has quickly pointed out its more obvious shortcomings.

Arthur Caldicott, 03Aug2012

Re: Natural gas a better choice than Site C dam

Rick Koechl and Mike Kroecher make an interesting financial case for using natural gas to generate electricity, but I fear they are too close to the thing they are looking at to get it in perspective. Back to that in a moment.

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