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Arthur Caldicott, 26Jun2012

Re: Groups launch campaign calling for independent review of pipeline safety

Alberta's pipelines are springing leaks on almost a weekly basis now. The province has given the oil, gas, and pipeline industry an easy ride for decades, and the combination of years, sheer number of pipes and the lax oversight is making itself evident.

Arthur Caldicott, 22Jun2012

Re: Clark declares natural gas ‘green energy’ as long as it’s used for LNG

It was inevitable that government would do this, but I expected it to be Gordon Campbell and Richard Neufeld and Barry Penner - they being the ones that wrote the definition of clean energy as being a bunch of renewable and reasonable things (including hydrocarbons, if all the carbon is sequestered) but reserved the option for the Minister of Energy and Mines to "recognize" any electricity as Clean or Renewable".

Arthur Caldicott, 10Jun2012

Re: Alberta residents angry after oil spills into nearby lake

I was curious to know the context for the pipeline which ruptured near Sundre, Alberta, on Thursday. Checking the news, I discovered that it had collapsed under Jackson Creek, described as a tributary of the Red Deer River, between Sundre and Gleniffer Lake, the reservoir downstream created by the Dickson Dam.

Arthur Caldicott, 05Jun2012

Re: TransCanada to build pipeline for Shell LNG plant

Hey, British Columbians, let’s watch our governments, our regulators, and these corporations be really stupid about these pipelines!

Thomas Hackney, 23May2012

Re: B.C. families to benefit from lower BC Hydro rates

In a move supposed to “keep electricity rates affordable” for “B.C.’s families,” the BC government has dictated to the BC Utilities Commission the rates it must set for BC Hydro in the next couple of years. On 22 May, cabinet issued Direction No. 3 to the Utilities Commission, with a detailed set of instructions on the decisions it must make in the review of BC Hydro’s Revenue Requirements Application.

Energy Gadfly, 13May2012

Re: LNG plans may alter B.C.'s climate-change goal

If BC's energy drama were written as a play, the first act would have been Gordon Campbell's through the previous decade: orders to BC Hydro to buy as much power as it could from IPPs, removal of the BC Utilities Commission from all significant decisions, self-sufficiency plus insurance, smart meters, no more gas-fired generation.

Energy Gadfly, 11May2012

Re: Enbridge to replace pipeline that caused 2010 oil spill into Kalamazoo River

Enbridge is replacing 6B, the pipeline that was the source of the spill but says it's just for "integrity", not directly related to the 2010 spill. That project will cost $1.6 billion.

Energy Gadfly, 09Apr2012

Re: Who takes the gold for tax avoidance in 2011?

The article above is about US corporations. I was curious to know how some of our Canadian companies stacked up, especially resource companies acting in BC. If you're an average working stiff breaking your back to pay taxes in Canada, you may not want to read beyond here.

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